Have you noticed Google’s new Adwords layout?

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Since February 2016, Google have changed the layout of their search page, have you noticed?

Instead of having Adwords on the right hand side of the screen they are now positioned at the top and bottom of the page, 4 at the top and 3 at the bottom. This means less ads on the page, historically it has been 3 on the top and 8 on the sidebars.

Why do it?

Google is trying to move more towards mobile compatibility, Mobile doesn’t support right-hand columns.

It also means space for Google’ s product listing Ad’s and knowledge panels.

Why is this significant?

It means more ‘bid for position’ strategies from advertisers, they need to make constant updates and keep an eye on their competitors to ensure their place at the top.

‘Organic’ searches will appear further down the page which will also push some results onto another page. We have yet to see the impact on this. Statistics suggest that 95% of all search traffic is on page 1, so it’s important to ensure you are positioned correctly.

Will this be on every search?

Not yet the 4 ad layout at present is on what Google deem as ‘Highly commercial’ queries, where there is a strong intent to buy, although we’re not quite sure how they define this.

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