The Importance of a ‘mobile friendly’ website:

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Many of you will have a mobile friendly website but there is still an alarming amount that don’t and they will be missing out on a considerable amount of potential new business.

So why is it so important?

According to Ofcom 61% of people used their mobiles to access the internet in the first quarter of this year, this has risen by 4% from last year’s first quarter and expected to rise in 2016.

Accessing the internet is also the 3rd highest use for a smartphone according to ‘2014 mobile behaviour report’ from Salesforce.

Google rolled out their new Mobile friendly update in April this year, essentially this means that they will use mobile friendly pages as a signal for ranking. So when searching on your mobile it will rank mobile friendly sites with the right content higher.

When designing your website it’s important for it to look great with easy navigation to your products, you probably spent hours making sure you were happy with the look and content. By not having a Mobile friendly site all your time and effort could be in vain.

User frustration

Your website will look very different from a mobile, cutting your homepage in half, making it difficult to navigate and ultimately frustrating the user. Chances are they won’t get past your homepage and will look for the product on an easier site.

This frustration will also reflect on your business as the association will be that your company is difficult to deal with.

So what next?

Make sure your website is compatible with mobiles and if not fix it.

If you are not sure get in touch we can help.

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