Tom Cruise once helped NASA redesign its website

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So not only is Tom Cruise a blockbusting Actor he is also a space enthusiast not that it is a great surprise.

So whilst Tom was looking on the  NASA website he became frustrated by the usability saying it had great content for research,  but for the average visitor it didn’t make much sense, with Tom branding it ‘Three Clicks to oblivion’

He suggested they used his tech-head to re-design the website to make it more ‘Inviting & Interesting, who could say no to Mr Cruise!

Tom does have a point though some Research and technical sites may have lots of great content but lack in the user friendly department, something we can help with!

Mr Cruise is a man we would like to add to the Mediatube team. Tom if you are free we have a few sites we would like your input on…just saying!

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